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Hayro Luque provides strategically guided marketing solutions through creative representations that position products and services, and the people and organizations behind them, in a memorable and positive light. He works closely with his select group of clients throughout the planning and production phases to ensure accurate and affective messages are consistently delivered through high impact communication tools for business-to-business and business-to-consumer projects and initiatives. 

A designer, a creative mind and entreprenuer with more than twenty three years of industry experience, has worked in Honduras, The United States, East Africa and the three top cities in Canada, developing marketing, branding, interactive, social media, collateral, environmental graphics and facility branding, for a wide variety of businesses and organizations. Founder of Industrialista, with a tremendous design vision for spaces with special attention to detail, and an authentic, industrial, soulful and artistic approach. Well knowledged of the arts and acquainted with the art world, a contemporary art collector himself. Fluent in English, Spanish, and conversational French, makes him an ideal liaison between Hispanophone, Anglophone and Francophone cultures.



_ Beau Modern Furnishings*
_ Boutique Ludovik
_ Brooklyn College | The City University Of New York
_ Christian World Outreach
_ Clairwood Real Estate Corporation
_ Colorado Home Realty
_ Colorado Legal Associates
_ Come Let's Dance Uganda
_ Commission International
_ Curtis Park Community Center*
_ Design Materials*
_ Ditzell Exploration And Production
_ EFCA Rocky Mountain Disctrict
_ Ghazvini Immigration & Investment Inc.
_ Golden Aluminum*
_ Grace Network
_ Grace Toronto Church
_ HG Landscape & Design
_ High Road Strategies
_ Highlands Church Denver
_ Invantra Home Finance
_ Macdonald Stewart Art Centre
_ Museum of The Palestinian People
_ National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management at Utah University
_ Oaklief Creative
_ The Omega Network Inc.
_ Organización Amor Viviente
_ Nest Of Love Foundation
_ New Classics Creations*
_ Oakwood Homes*
_ Parkside Landscaping
_ Pine Groove State
_ Robert Hengeveld - Contemporary Artist
_ Solving Conflicts Together
_ Steve Richards Designs
_ Studio Industrialista
_ Trench Contemporary Arts
_ Valandré*
_ The Yorker Condominium
_ Walk This Sway
_ Walz Law
_ With Collective
_ Women's Development Association
_ Zhip Smart Mobile Device
_ Zone 15 Recreation Centre
_ Zook Performance*